Traditional Plan

This is the perfect plan for those looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle with low effort and high convenience! We've catered the Maintain Plan with adequate portions that will fit your hunger needs and provide an introduction of what it means to eat well-balanced meals in order to be as happy and active as you can! Ideal for busy people (work from home professionals, working parents, and essential workers - we heard you!) who want to eat a well-balanced meal and skip the dishes.

Good to know: Our meals are made with locally sourced produce and protein. We partner up with farmers and fishermen from Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada to ensure the freshness of our ingredients.

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Traditional Meal Plan - 1 WEEK

Calling all the busy people out there! Doesn't matter if you are a stay-at-home parent, a work-from-home professional, an essential worker or just simply doesn't want to deal with the daily cooking tasks. This Traditional Plan features filling portions that will fit...

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Traditional: LUNCH ONLY: 1 Week

*6 Meals/Week* Healthy meals designed to help you stay on track covering your lunch or dinners for the week. Tired of eating out everyday during lunch, or spending a ton of time preparing your own? This plan is perfect!


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