Is there a Macro Count?

Yes, we count calories and macros and place them on our labels.

Am I only able to eat the 2 meals for the day?

NO! The two meals we provide are your main meals but not your only meals. We provide a meal plan to help guide your breakfast and healthy snacks around our meals.

How much protein are in each meal?

Fat Loss: Our fat loss meals average 30g of protein, 3.5oz of meat Muscle Mass: Our Muscle Mass program averages 45g of protein, 5.5g of protein

What is the Fat Loss average Macro/Calorie Count

Our Fat Loss Plan averages Low Carb Days: 250-350 Calories 30g Protein 5-10g Carbs 5-8g Fat High Carb Days: 300-400 Calories 30g Protein 15-30g Carbs 8g Fat

What is the Muscle Mass average Macro/Calorie Count

400-550 Calories 45g Protein 10-15g Carbs 8-13g Fat

How do I know which meals I will get?

From our menu you will see the 12 meals that will be in this weeks menu, send us an email to see which week we will be in.

What if I want to select my own meals?

You can select your own meals from this weeks menu, give us a call to select your meals!

Do you deliver to Bedford/Sackville,etc?

We deliver anywhere within the HRM region, this includes: Bedford, Sackville, Hammonds Plain, Eastern Shore, etc.

What days do you deliver?

We deliver on Sundays and Wednesdays, usually from 5-8pm.

When do orders have to be in?

Orders have to be in 48 hrs before delivery days!

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